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About the Y.E.S. Program

The Interactive Online Y.E.S. Program (Youth Educational Shoplifting Program) delivers proven-effective shoplifter education in a specifically structured environment which is designed to pique young peoples’ interest and increase retention levels by offering them an easy to use, interactive, media-rich presentation. The program utilizes interactive video scenarios which are guided by a facilitator along with a core group of teens who have also been caught shoplifting.

Together the facilitator and teens will help the participant to understand how shoplifting affects the lives of real people (not just stores). They will teach the participant  about the law and its consequences, the new security technology now used in stores to detect shoplifters, how much they risk for a small reward and how shoplifting can become addictive. The participant will come to understand how their own personal and social pressures can trigger a shoplifting incident and look closely at the feelings, thoughts and attitudes which led him/her to shoplift. After understanding their behavior, they will work to create a personal plan to stop shoplifting.

The program will take the participant 4-5 hours to complete. It is not necessary that the participant complete the program in one sitting. We encourage them to take breaks as often as they feel the need . . . as long as they complete the program by the deadline date.